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What’s the best place to sell your smartphone?

There are a variety of mobile phones on the market, among which Android phones are quite popular. An Android smartphone is a complex electronic device that is similar in many respects to a stationary computer or laptop. Nowadays we have a huge choice of Android phones for any budget, any appearance and size. Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel. This operating system was developed for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Android was a trademark owned by Android Inc. until 2005, until it was bought by Google Corporation (Google). It was thanks to the efforts of Google, which breathed new life into Android, that the first phone based on this operating system was released in October 2008. This operating system is open source and characterized by a high degree of flexibility and ease of use. But, like any other system, an Android phone is not perfect, it has its pros and cons. Any phone based on the Android platform can be easily customized for yourself, from such simple things as the appearance and the choice of default programs, ending with truly in-depth settings of the system itself. Android phones have the ability to change almost anything you want, icons, themes, launchers, widget sizes, unlike IOS, in which there is little that can be changed.

Buying a new smartphone is an important and responsible step. However, there are times when you need to think about selling an Android phone. To sell an Android phone quickly, you first need to carefully prepare it for sale. To do this, you need to find a phone box, a charger and a wire that allows you to connect the device to a computer. Having assembled this kit, you should submit an advertisement in the media (preferably in several newspapers at once) and on the corresponding sites on the Internet. A working Android phone can actually be sold in several ways. Today there are a large number of services and boards on which you can submit an advertisement for the sale or read on them about buying a phone. Some  owners manage to sell an Android phone on the very first day of submitting an ad. One of the options is to try your luck on social networks by posting a loud post “I will sell a used smartphone” on your page. So there is a chance to find a buyer among friends and acquaintances. There is a great bonus: sale is faster and much more pleasant than selling a mobile phone to a stranger. But what if you don't want to use personal accounts for commercial purposes? It is much more convenient to hand over your smartphone to the store under the recycling program, it is also a trade-in. It works in many electronics stores. For example, Rapid Recycle is the best place to sell your smartphone. Here you can trade-in your electronics for cash. Selling a phone is not as easy as you think.

How to sell a used smartphone safely?

Selling a mobile phone? Use only trusted, popular platforms like Rapid Recycle. When you text with a stranger, do not go to third-party messengers, do not open links, documents, do not enter any confirmation codes. Before selling a phone, please evaluate the seller's or buyer’s account "for honesty." A long-established page with a long history of transactions and positive reviews is almost a worthy option, the rest should be rechecked. One of the ways: to drive the subscriber's number into the search line, read if there are any warnings about fraud. Don't be fooled by overly lucrative offers. The lower the price, the greater the likelihood of a fake or substandard product. It’s not recommended to agree to an advance payment, delivery by cash on delivery and other attempts of extortion. Do not give passport data, numbers on the back of the card, and other important information. If they ask very persistently, close the dialogue.

These are the basic principles of the modern Internet user, but they do not guarantee one hundred percent protection, while selling a mobile phone. But these rules will save your time and nerves. To sell your phone quickly and without loss, try our service Rapid Recycle. With its help, you can get rid of an unnecessary gadget in 1 day: just leave your number for communication with our specialists. Rapid Recycle offers you great possibilities of trade-in. Here you can sell a used phone across our country at a bargain price in excellent condition and in the shortest possible time. Thus, you will receive a double benefit: you compensate yourself for the new phone and at the same time get rid of the old one. That’s quite a pleasant experience, isn’t it? If your smartphone is not eligible for the trade-in program, there are other possibilities for you to partially compensate yourself for the purchase of a new phone by selling the old one.