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Where to sell an Asus phone?

Asus gaming phone 2 sounds quite wild. Famous phrase "gaming laptop" had the same situation ten years ago. Technologies are changing, and now the main gadget of our time is being released specifically for modern popular games. Asus has advanced farthest in this matter with its ROG Phone: the second version is ready to prove it — for the second time. The first Asus ROG Phone was in many ways an example of how to develop a smartphone designed specifically for gaming. Simply putting a more powerful processor and sticking more memory into a case with an aggressive design is a simple and straightforward way, but ASUS approached the issue in a much more comprehensive way. ASUS did not abandon the idea on the first ROG Phone, but continued to develop it, deepening the merits and eliminating the disadvantages. The Asus gaming phone 2 was officially unveiled in Taiwan back in late July. At IFA 2019, the European premiere of the smartphone with the final firmware took place, the Ultimate Edition was shown for the first time, and the prices and release dates of the gadget were announced. The smartphone at the time of its announcement was officially the most powerful in the world.

The main difference between Asus ROG phone 2 and its predecessor, in addition to the hardware platform and the increased memory, is the display. As before, AMOLED with a resolution of 2340×1080 pixels is used, but it has become noticeably larger 6.59 inches versus 6 inches earlier and can work at a frequency of up to 120 Hz. In addition, the manufacturer claims that the display boasts stunning color reproduction the average DeltaE deviation is stated at less than one. If you have an Asus ROG 2 for sale, you can use the trade-in system on our Rapid Recycle website. The trade-in program of Asus ROG phones for a discount when buying a new one is gaining momentum in retail. By participating in the trade-in program, you will receive a discount equal to the amount of the final Asus ROG 2 phone price. It can be used immediately to purchase a new or starter pack. The main rule of exchange is that the phone must be in working order. That is, it turns on without any problems and performs its main functions. Asus ROG phones with technical defects can be assessed by an expert in our store. If you have any additional questions, our managers are always ready to answer your questions.

How to sell an Asus phone?

When it's time to get rid of the first smartphone, not all sellers understand how much people are willing to buy a used Asus ROG phone. First of all, an Asus ROG 2 for sale should be examined before selling. This must be done in order to avoid an unpleasant situation: to give in to a customer who is interested in buying an Asus ROG phone 2 and lose money in vain. Frankly speaking, no one wants to buy an Asus gaming phone 2 from you at a store price tag. However, this figure is needed for orientation a hand-sold Asus ROG cellphone is usually sold 20-40% below it. The amount of interest depends on the appearance, internal condition and demand. Do you own a rare specimen, preserved in perfect, almost pristine appearance? You have the right to give at a higher price. Especially if there are many hunters for such a unique Asus ROG mobile. We need to check what the other sellers are hoping for with a similar offer. They should be more or less proportionate. It is important to correctly assess the advantages and disadvantages in order to reduce or increase the price. Think over the arguments: if someone is thinking of buying a used Asus ROG mobile, why would he/she pay attention to yours?

Check with an expert if you can find one who often sells a used Asus ROG cellphone. Feel free to walk to the nearest service center, where an intelligent technician sits. If you are lucky and he is in a good mood, he will help with advice. Do a factory reset or restore to stock firmware. People don't want to have files of previous phone users. Google if it is possible to hand over your Asus gaming phone 2 for a trade-in system. Rapid Recycle website accepts different devices: iPhones, Apple TVs, tablets, Samsung phones, graphic cards etc. Rapid Recycle gives you the opportunity to pay for your order in a convenient way for you cash, bank cards, non-cash payment or cash on delivery. Managers of the Rapid Recycle will help you to sell an Asus ROG mobile for modern computers at a favorable cost just call the phone number listed on the website. Depending on the condition of the Asus ROG phone 2 and the conditions of the promotion, you are given a discount on the purchase of a new phone up to 70%. Or a certain amount of money is paid, which you can then spend on the purchase of a new device. Thus, you will receive a double benefit: you compensate yourself for the new phone and at the same time get rid of the old one.