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Where to sell a BlackBerry phone?

A large Canadian telecommunications company Research in Motion, founded in 1984 by Mike Lazaridis, made hardware and software. At first, Mike was working hard for many years in quite different directions, and then concentrated only on mobile data transmission technologies. In 1999, the first BlackBerry phone appeared, which at first was just a beautiful pager, and then became a modern business smartphone. The history of BlackBerry phones in CIS countries started in 2005, when the first ideas about the launch of the service were announced. However, they could not be implemented due to the lack of approval from the law enforcement agencies. Only in 2008, Beeline launched a service that met the requirements of regulatory authorities and the wishes of customers. In the West, nowadays BlackBerry phones are considered almost a smartphone No1 for business, but it is almost unknown in our country. The reason is that a BlackBerry phone is not only a device for calls, but a whole combination of services and hardware for secure real-time synchronization of personal or corporate data. A BlackBerry phone is famous for a high level of security out of the box and a corresponding global infrastructure integrated with the cellular operator's network.

BlackBerry is a comprehensive service solution. Without a special communication service from a mobile operator, a smartphone simply will not be able to work normally, since it will not have the ability to interact with the global BB infrastructure. The presence of this service makes it possible for the device to participate in the provisioning process. It is the process of determining the rights of a BlackBerry device to access certain services. During provisioning, activation, modification, control and blocking can be performed. As good as modern technology is, BlackBerry phones will sooner or later break down and/or become obsolete. Accordingly, there is a need to sell the BlackBerry phone and buy a new one. In the Rapid Recycle online store, you can sell a used BlackBerry phone using a trade-in system for real money. We offer the simplest and safest way to sell your old BlackBerry phone. Managers of Rapid Recycle online store will help you to sell the BlackBerry phone for modern computers at a favorable cost — just call the BlackBerry phone number listed on the website.

How much is my BlackBerry worth?

If you want to update your BlackBerry phone, but you don't have enough money, try to get rid of the old ones. We will tell you how to profitably sell a BlackBerry phone using the trade-in system. First, the BlackBerry phone needs to be cleaned and brought into a divine form. It's good if you had a protective glass or at least a cover. Find all the items in the kit: box, headphones, and charger. If there is also a check on hand, a successful sale is almost guaranteed. A potential buyer immediately sees that the BlackBerry phone has not been stolen, and the level of trust will jump to the desired psychological level. Gifts in the form of a case or flash drive will be a nice addition. They are of no use to you, but benefit a person. Remember that it is imperative to delete all (!) data from the device it is advisable to reset the BlackBerry phone to default settings. There are scammers who can ask your parents or friends for money on your behalf you probably remember these messages in the style of "Borrow ten thousand, I'll come and explain". Before you sell a BlackBerry phone, describe its condition as honestly as possible. If there are chips or scratches indicate and attach photos. If half of the screen does not work, write about it in the title of the ad.

A person will surely notice a serious marriage when checking, and you will simply waste your and other people's time. Indicate in the description all the characteristics of the smartphone: from the diagonal of the screen to the battery capacity. Otherwise, you will be annoyed with questions like: “How many megapixels camera? And how much memory?" If you want to protect yourself from unnecessary acquaintances, buy a separate SIM card, which you will not mind throwing away after the sale of your smartphone. Sometimes they continue to call after the sale. An important part of the sale is what the BlackBerry phone actually looks like. Do not download phone pictures, especially those of poor quality. Take five minutes and take good photos of the device. Assemble the entire kit and take a general photo. Then separately the telefon itself and especially its problems. All these points will make the process of selling the BlackBerry phone easier at times. It is important to make it clear that you are completely confident in your BlackBerry phone. Show the buyer all the jambs, but in no case rush the person. If he/she starts asking for a discount for scratches on the case, do not give in: you mentioned this, you did not hide anything. Be careful!