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Where to sell Google phone?

A few years ago, Google company presented a phone of its own production to the public. And this is not surprising, because after the appearance of the operating system of this developer, users discussed such a possibility for a long time. It is worth finding out in more detail what the mobile phone of this corporate giant is. The first thing worth noting is the rather high cost of the device. The fact is that the Google company decided to go on a par with the leading companies in the production of mobile technology. And she succeeded. The Google phone combines the best innovations in electronics and software. As shown by user tests, the model holds a charge perfectly. Throughout the day, you can not only use the standard functions, but also broadcast live for several hours.

The design of the Google phone is as ergonomic as possible, which allows customers to quickly learn new items and evaluate the functionality. But no matter how good Google Phone is, sooner or later there is a need to replace it with the best from a technical point of view model. It's easy to do: just sell Google Pixel on a trade-in system on our Rapid Recycle trade-in service. The step-by-step sequence of exchange is as follows. You choose a new model in a hardware store that suits you. The Center Expert evaluates your Google Phone based on its status, general characteristics, and year of manufacture. This is followed by signing an agreement to sell the old Google Pixel and pay for the new one, from which the price of your former device is deducted. Rapid Recycle trade-in service managers are always ready to help and support our customers within the trade-in system.

How much is a Google Pixel worth?

Rapid Recycle trade-in service has been implementing a special trade-in program across the USA for several months now. Old smartphones from Apple iPhone, Samsung, Sony or LG can be handed over to the company's showrooms, and in return receive a discount on the purchase of any other device, insurance or operator services. Simply put, "trade-in" is a program for exchanging used smartphones for a discount, the amount of which depends on the model, technical and external condition of the gadget. You can hand over Google Pixel without significant external damage to the case and screen, with working buttons, without signs of damage from contact with water. If you want your device to really benefit, you should use the trade-in program from Rapid Recycle trade-in service. In exchange for an old Google Pixel, you can get a discount on devices, accessories or additional insurance/device setup. The amount of the discount depends on the condition of the gadget.

The offer is really interesting. It is very easy to take part in the trade-in program. One or more devices can be traded. In this case, the dealer, who wants to sell Google Pixel, must be over 18 years old and have a passport. And yet: you must have ownership of the leased device and be able to document it. The classic procedure for exchanging an old Google Pixel for a new one is simple: you come to the dealer, he diagnoses your car and evaluates it, and if the offered price suits you, you sign a purchase and sale agreement for your Google Pixel with the dealer and immediately buy a new one, taking into account the "discount" equal to the price of the old car. Accordingly, the dealer will deal with the sale of your Google Pixel — and you are leaving it with a new one. The discount under the trade-in program also applies to purchases in installments or on credit, as well as to bonus offers and promotions in salons.