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Where to sell a HTC phone?

The HTC company is like Taiwanese Dragon in the Mobile and Communication Market. Today, HTC phones are synonymous with manufacturability, reliability and convenience and are positioned as so-called "three E" products that combine Economy, Eco-friendliness and Ergonomics. HTC is this company that became a Microsoft partner in the development of hardware systems for Windows. Initially, HTC corporation was created as an outsourcing company, the main task of which was the development and production of communication devices and mobile computers for manufacturers such as ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM. Today the HTC company has taken a leading position among other manufacturers of ODM & OEM devices. In 2010, the company was ranked 31st in the world in terms of the number of innovative solutions produced by it. In 2011, the corporation was ranked 77th in the Forbes list of the world's strongest brands. The HTC company is actively collaborating with such giants as Microsoft and Google. The result of cooperation with Microsoft was the emergence of the world's first 3G smartphone, which was developed on the basis of Windows Mobile and was named HTC MTeoR.

Cooperation with Google is no less fruitful, since it was in tandem with its specialists that the Android communicator Nexus One was released. HTC corporation is not going to give up and continues to develop and introduce new technologies: it specializes in the development, production and sale of smartphones and tablets, their accessories and other related products. But what to do if you and your family have old HTC phones, which you don’t need? The best deal is to sell old HTC phones via a trade-in system, presented on our Rapid Recycle online store. The trade-in system is a program for exchanging old HTC phones for a discount when buying new ones. You bring a used HTC phone to a special service for the master to give it a monetary value. If you really want to sell the HTC One, you do not even need to come to the Rapid Recycle online store: we recommend you just send it to us. Delivery of old HTC phones usually lasts 2-5 working days, depending on how far your city is from our physical Rapid Recycle online store. Our managers will help you to trade-in your used HTC phone for real cash.

How much is my HTC worth?

Many old HTC phones end their days with elderly parents and children, or immediately go to collect dust in a distant box with some junk. Trade-in is a way to turn junk into money quickly and profitably. Even if it is a used HTC phone that has long been out of use. Trade-in system is a common way of selling an old HTC phone. In this way, cars, large household appliances, and modern electronics are exchanged. The difference is only in the conditions of a specific program. Modern realities make it possible to mechanize the process as much as possible and complete the transaction and all documents online. The employee examines an old HTC phone, checks its functional state and in advance, before signing any documents, informs you of the amount in which the returned device is estimated. If it suits you, then you immediately proceed to the registration of the purchase of a new gadget, from which the price of your old HTC phone is deducted. Came with a used HTC phone left with a new one, everything is simple. Now about the additional features.

First moment: the number of devices to be handed over is not limited. Bring at least a dozen old HTC phones if these models participate in the promotion. The discount will be available for the entire amount at which they are priced. The only condition is that the total cost of a new gadget cannot be lower than 1 dollar. You can not only donate several old HTC phones at a time, but also participate in the promotion several times. Second moment: a trade-in discount can be used when you buy a device on credit or by installments. The final conditions of the purchase will be communicated to you by the employee of Rapid Recycle online store after evaluating a used HTC phone. Third, even broken devices are accepted. True, one must understand that the discount for them will be quite small. The full terms and conditions of trade-in agreement become known to you prior to the purchase and sale procedure. If you agree with them, then in your presence all data is deleted from the old HTC phone so that your personal information does not fall into third hands. Used HTC phones that are not suitable for further use are disposed of in accordance with US laws. You can be sure that they will not end up in the nearest trash can. You can be sure that the deal will take place the first time, if the leased and purchased device is in the list of participating models. You will definitely save time, especially if you sell the HTC One in multiple units at once.