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Where can I sell my LG Stylo 5?

The first LG smartphones appeared in 2009. The company relied on Android, and although there have been attempts in the future to release models for Windows Phone or Firefox OS, they cannot be called successful. Until 2013, the company was only "accelerating" by this time the LG company had already produced significantly more smartphones than push-button phones. In 2013, for example, the LG G2 appeared. With this flagship, the company tried to show that the buttons on the back are convenient. In reality, the decision turned out to be at least controversial. It should be emphasized that even in the best years, LG's smartphone business was not particularly successful. The business grew until 2015, but in terms of sales in pieces, the LG company was unable to come close to its own indicators of 2009, when push-button phones beat records.

The mobile division of LG company in 2021-2022 will be completely disbanded, but the LG company will continue to engage in indirect development. For example, some of the employees will go to the promising direction of sixth generation networks. This was reported on the official website of the LG company. Is the LG phone gathering dust in the dresser at home? It probably keeps not only bright memories, but also toxic substances that gradually poison the space around. But such a piece of iron can be turned into real money! We know how and where you can sell LG phones as quickly and profitably as possible. Rapid Recycle trade-in service is the best place to sell LG phones. We offer to sell the phone using the trade-in system. A trade-in system is a common practice of exchanging an old LG phone for a discount when you buy a new one.

How much is my LG phone worth?

Hearing the foreign word "trade-in", automatically imagine a salon with used cars. But it's time to get rid of prejudice now this applies to LG phones. You no longer need to waste time on Internet flea markets if you suddenly want to sell an old LG phone. Rapid Recycle trade-in service is a special companу that buys working and non-working electronics right on the spot. Prepare your LG phone for exchange. Nothing complicated: just do a factory reset. Of course, you first have to unlink the device from your Google account. And make sure that the device turns on, and that all the buttons and the camera work as they should. There should be no cracks on the screen or large chips on the case either. In general, nothing new the usual sale of a LG phone, only with an exchange for something better. Then you just need to send the LG phone for express diagnostics and trust the professionals.

A real cash discount and an exchange of a LG phone can be obtained right on the spot, if the amount suits you. If you are worried, then make your own assessment before selling the LG phone using a special online calculator on the Internet. It's completely free and doesn't take long. Enter the brand and model in the required fields and the coveted numbers will appear on the screen. If they suit you, then there is no reason to run to other collection points contact us and find out the details. Managers will be happy to advise where to sell an old LG phone and calculate the amount of profit for trade-in. Thousands of people have already appreciated the benefits of the trade-in program. It is really simple, fast and comfortable when it comes to Rapid Recycle trade-in service. Bring your old devices to Rapid Recycle trade-in service and make sure that it is a modern and convenient way to sell an old LG phone and buy new products.