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Where to sell Motorola phones?

The influence of Motorola company on the development of the industry can hardly be overestimated. The company has pioneered a host of innovations, from car radios to mobile communications. Motorola owes much of its initial success to its founder and longtime CEO Paul Galvin. In 1928, Galvin founded Galvin Manufacturing, joined by his younger brother Joseph, who invested $565 into it. Five people were invited to work in the company. This was the beginning of the Motorola company. The history of the company was quite long and complicated. After long disputes in 2011, the company was split. Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google for $12.5 billion, and three years later it was bought by Lenovo for $2.9 billion. Another part called Motorola Solutions  deals with telecommunications. In 2015, its profit was $610 million, which is half of what it was in 2014. So the Motorola story ended. The Motorola company that gave the world more than one invention lost the competition due to a lack of understanding of the market and the changing needs of the audience.

If you have an old Motorola phone at home, we recommend using the Rapid Recycle trade-in service. The trade-in program is gaining popularity in the US and Europe 1, allowing members to save and upgrade their old Motorola phone well. Rapid Recycle trade-in service will help you to exchange your cash for real money. Before you take part in the exchange program of your old Motorola phone for a new one, weigh all the pros and cons and, of course, look at things realistically. Most often, experts advise visiting several dealerships for a preliminary assessment. Do not forget to read the terms of trade-in Motorola phones and discounts in order to choose the best option for you. Do not be lazy to find out on the manufacturer's website or even on the hotline of the official representative office — this way you can understand whether the discount on a new phone offered by points of sale corresponds to the actual conditions of the brand. Be sure to find out the recommended retail price for the model you like.

How much is a Motorola phone worth?

Selling a Motorola phone on your own and then buying a new one is sometimes a rather slow process, and moreover, exciting. The trade-in program allows you to significantly speed it up and change the old Motorola phone for a new one, but it has its own pitfalls and surface stones that you should be aware of and remember. The trade-in program has become increasingly popular in the United States in recent years. It is not surprising: it significantly simplifies the procedure for changing a mobile phone, reduces the risk of fraud when selling a Motorola phone, reduces the time spent on its implementation, and even promises additional financial benefits in the form of discounts. However, here, of course, there are nuances, risks and disadvantages. A trade-in program is a service for receiving a new phone against the purchase of a new one, the price of which is reduced by the cost of yours, taken into account.

This service is provided by dealers and sellers of mobile phones, and one of its main goals is to stimulate sales of Motorola phones. The advantages of the trade-in program are actually obvious. First of all, it saves time and nerves. Those who sell Motorola phones often have to communicate with not very pleasant people, spend time meeting with them and sometimes explain the obvious things. The second advantage is the minimization of the risk of fraud during the execution of documents (sale and purchase agreement) and the absence of the need for pre-sale preparation of the Motorola phone. Some Motorola phones do not shine with liquidity and are sold on the secondary market for a very long time — the process can drag on for a completely indefinite time. Using such a service, you are guaranteed and quickly sell a Motorola phone. Here is the third plus, from which the fourth follows — the sale of an old Motorola phone and the purchase of a new one, in fact, in one day.