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Where to sell a One Plus phone?

OnePlus company is about these smartphones that were very cheap, but had top-end characteristics. Now the situation has changed a little and they cost more, but the character still remains in them. One Plus phone maker joins Apple, Samsung, Huawei and OPPO, which are in the top four places on the list, respectively. OnePlus company has released 10 flagship phones in six years, although it is still quite young. Formed from employees who came from the mobile division of the Chinese company Oppo. One Plus founder of the company is Pete Lowe. The company's slogan "Never Agree" implies the production of uncompromising devices that fully satisfy the daily needs of users. Next year, One Plus should unveil its own smart TV, which will be equipped with an artificial intelligence system and will have a close connection with a smartphone. Earlier it was said that this device will look more like a large smart display than a TV.

But what to do if you want to sell a One Plus phone? We recommend you to visit our Rapid Recycle trade-in service. Trade-in system is a service for accepting an old One Plus phone at the expense of buying a new one, which allows you to significantly reduce the price of a product. As a result, the profitability of upgrading a mobile tool can be significantly improved and changed more frequently. We help you to get real cash in several simple steps. Just find your used One Plus phone and get an instant quote based on its real condition. Rapid Recycle trade-in service provides you with a free, trackable prepaid shipping label for sending us your item. No need to wait for a buyer, get cash fast through our website. If you really want to save money and upgrade your device, then use our Rapid Recycle trade-in service.

Rapid Recycle trade-in service is the best place to sell One Plus phones.

Quite often our customers are interested in the One Plus phones trade-in program, so let's talk about it in more detail. There are many reasons to use One Plus phones trade-in program:

- Outdated model: if you use One Plus phone or older, the trade-in service will be useful for you. The technical characteristics of these models are seriously inferior to the new ones, which means you will not be able to get the most out of your smartphone.

- External defects: if the One Plus phone has scratches, damage and chips, then you are probably uncomfortable using such a device. Therefore, we do not recommend waiting for the day when the phone will completely fail, it is better to exchange the old One Plus phone for a new one in advance.

- Component wear: for a long time of operation, the battery has probably worn out and you have to charge your smartphone several times a day. And the processor sometimes hangs and does not pull modern programs that require a large margin of performance. This will not happen with the new One Plus phone. It holds a charge longer, works faster with programs and takes better photos.

In general, trade-in service will take about an hour of your time. All US citizens who have reached the age of majority can participate in the exchange program. To use the Rapid Recycle trade-in service, don't forget to bring your passport and TIN. It is advisable to bring the One Plus phone in the package in which it was sold, with instructions and a charger. The buyer gets a great opportunity to buy a novelty without savings or exchange the product for a gift certificate. You are allowed to participate in the trade-in program an unlimited number of times. Thank you for choosing Rapid Recycle trade-in service!