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Where to sell a Sony phone?

Company Sony has one of the richest stories in the mobile market. Extremely successful in the early 2000s, she was one of the few who, in the coming era of smartphones, was able to quickly restructure and even impose competition on Apple and other giants. But now little is heard about them, although the company continues to produce phones and even somehow adapt to the situation on the market. In the smartphone market, company Sony has always looked for its own path. While some were practicing in search of unusual shapes and solutions, the Japanese company Sony relied on a discreet but recognizable design and useful chips that no one else had. The line of devices from the Japanese company Sony looks one of the most organic and complete. The Sony Xperia lineup consists of smartphones, divided into four groups: Z — flagships, E — budget devices, C — middle segment with an emphasis on the front camera and M — middle segment with an emphasis on moisture resistance.

Basically, all Sony Xperia phones are assembled either in China or Malaysia. If you've decided it's time to replace your phone, consider maybe someone else will need your old Sony phone. Especially if it's a Sony phone. Their cost in the secondary market is quite high, so it makes sense to sell, and not leave it lying around in a box or, even more so, throw it away. There is a way to turn Sony Xperia phones into money quickly and profitably. Rapid Recycle trade-in service will help you with selling Sony phones. Trade-in is a program for exchanging old Sony Xperia phones for a discount when you buy new ones. You bring the used Sony phone to a special service for the master to give it an appropriate assessment. The announced amount will be a discount for a new phone. Can Sony Xperia phones be traded-in? Depends on the goals of Rapid Recycle trade-in service. Sometimes the criteria are expressed in a specific brand, year of manufacture, condition or type of Sony phone (exclusively clamshells, with a color display, etc.). Sometimes we take everything at once. Let's take a closer look.

How much is my Sony Xperia worth?

Part of our life is now stored in phones. Absolutely, everyone there has something that they would not like to demonstrate to strangers. To sell a Sony phone quickly, you must first prepare it carefully for sale. To do this, you need to find a phone box, a charger and a wire that allows you to connect the device to a computer. With Sony phones that run on Android, everything happens a little differently than with iOS, but organizing a backup and cleaning the phone will still be just as easy. The following data is copied to Google Drive: Google Contacts data, events and settings in Google Calendar, Wi-Fi networks and their passwords, wallpapers, Gmail settings, applications, display settings (screen brightness and sleep mode), language and input method settings, date and the time, settings and data of non-Google apps (depending on the app). Now that your data has been backed up to the cloud, it's time to clean up your phone. To do this, you will need to dive into the settings again, click on the “System” button and select “Reset” and “Restore factory settings”. Now all that remains is to reboot the Sony phone. Ready!

Rapid Recycle trade-in service professionals often divide used equipment into 5 groups:

- Ideal: no defects visible to the eye, with serviceable buttons, "native" body, in other words — like new;

- Good: with reminders of the past owner in the form of minor scratches, traces of wearing a case, etc.;

- Satisfactory: chipped, dented, chipped, lid and/or glass replaced;

- Bad: cracked, matrix errors, broken screens and cameras, damaged charging ports and headphones.

- Out of service.

As you might guess, the worse the condition, the cheaper you can sell your phone. Illiquid assets are usually needed in production processes — such Sony Xperia phones contain spare parts and precious metals. They can be used in the manufacture or repair of electronics. Broken but promising phones are usually repaired and attached to seeking owners. Do not be surprised, but there are still people who want to buy a used Sony phone or something like it. It’s OK. After all, everyone wants to save money.