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Where can I sell my iPod touch for cash in the store?

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, found it difficult in the beginning. It's not easy to compete with a monster like Microsoft. Steve Jobs almost fell into despair at failure. However, Steve Jobs had a lot of great know-how. His new and to this day unsurpassed product called iPod entered the market. iPod is a miniature device for listening to audio files in the popular .mp3 format. The gadget immediately became the undisputed leader. And this happened, despite the presence of competing devices for listening to music at that time. The ability to do what others cannot do technologically allowed Apple to create a unique gadget. iPod didn't just play music through headphones. It contained a high-capacity rechargeable battery. This made it possible to listen to music for hours. By the way, such a technical result is still difficult to achieve. For the first time, the iPod was able to charge the battery of a gadget using a computer via the same cable that was used to synchronize the music library, that is, transferring music from a computer to iPod.  The battery could also be charged in the usual way using the supplied charger. Apple has made the iPod very small and light.

So compact that it weighed practically nothing, but at the same time had a large amount of memory for storing music, and a very capacious battery. And all this at an extremely small size. The convenience of using the gadget made it very popular and made it possible to purchase it for children, for school children, for students, for adults and the elderly. Controlling the gadget is intuitive and does not require special knowledge and skills. Nowadays the iPod is a very popular, expensive high-quality device. It is the high price that makes many people wonder where to buy old iPods. If you are one of them, then this publication and our website are the best tools for this. Rapid Recycle is the best place to sell your iPods for cash. It’s really the simplest and safest way to recycle old iPods online. The sale is carried out according to the trade-in principle. Trade-in is a service for accepting an old device at the expense of buying a new one, which allows you to significantly reduce the price of a product. As a result, you can significantly increase the profitability of upgrading equipment and change it more often. Our website Rapid Recycle provides such exchange services.

How much are iPods worth?

iPods are the world's most popular wireless active noise canceling headphones. And Apple wouldn't be itself if its products were cheap. The cost of iPods is quite great and not everyone is ready to part with this amount. But in pursuit of the trend, many buyers turn their attention to the used gadgets market. Unfortunately, in addition to really bona fide sellers, the "secondary market" is full of scammers who want to get your money by selling outright fake and slag to gullible buyers. And every day it is harder and harder to distinguish a fake from the original, because skillful Chinese engineers have already learned how to deceive iPods and give out a real connection window displaying the charge and menu items. Before you sell iPods, pay attention to a number of points that will help you display your product on a more profitable side. All these tips will help you to sell iPods more expensively. First, pay attention to the box and the quality of the printing. The most banal and obvious, but no less useful advice is to examine the box very carefully. If you've ever held a box of an original Apple product in your hands, you will immediately smell the catch. Even with the highest quality fake, the box will not be glued so well, and the symbols will either blur (very cheap copies) or have "ladders".

Be sure to pay attention to the font on all pieces of paper and the box itself. Before buying, we recommend that you carefully study the San-Francisco font, which Apple uses in all its products. Also, before selling an old iPod pay attention to the font weight. Too dark letters and thick type should make you think. In our case, the printing looks good at first glance, but upon closer examination it becomes clear that it is a fake. Selling an old iPod foresees checking irregularities in the joints and flimsy lid. Do not be afraid to move the lid back and forth and see how it fits into the body. There are no problems with the original headphones, the cover does not budge and is securely fixed at the back. In the case of a fake, the lid is shaking and it will fall off. Yes, you can buy broken iPods, but the uneven cover should give you a second wake-up call. The last and perhaps most effective tip is to connect them to your iOS device and try them out. This will help you to test sound and noise cancellation. Good profitable selling an old iPod!