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Where to sell Apple TV?

What is Apple TV? Even among those who had to see or hold this small box in their hands, not everyone has an idea of ​​its purpose and capabilities. Some people call this "black box" set-top box, some call it a multimedia player, others believe that it is designed to synchronize TVs, PCs and mobile devices from Apple. Everyone is right, since this is, in fact, a multimedia combination with ample opportunities. In short, Apple TV is a gadget designed to broadcast multimedia data from the iTunes Store and other Internet services, as well as from the iTunes library on the user's computers and mobile devices, to a television screen. Apple TV is able to turn any, even the simplest TV into "smart", adding smart functionality to it. Owners get access to a collection of high-quality videos on specialized resources and to a large repository of songs, podcasts, trailers, games, images, and more. Also they have the ability to display multimedia data on the TV screen from smartphones, tablets, iPods, as well as from the home network of computers running Mac OS and Windows.

Apple TV can only stream video, pictures and sound, because the latest generation of devices cannot be used for storage due to their lack of a large storage device. In return, the user gets the opportunity to "rent" any copy from the iTunes multimedia collection, paying only for viewing. Also you can control the data with the remote control that comes with your Apple TV, or use your smartphone instead. The performance capabilities of the Apple TV are pretty good: even "heavy" video in HD and Full HD quality with multi-channel audio is played without any delays. This is achieved thanks to the fast Apple A5 processor and 8GB flash memory used as a streaming data buffer. Apple TV is a great viewing aid. However, even after buying it, there is a need to sell Apple TV. Not always the reason for selling a used Apple TV is its breakdown or inoperability. More often than not, people simply bought or received a new TV as a gift, deciding to quickly sell the old one. In the Rapid Recycle online store, you can sell a used Apple TV to improve quality of your life. Rapid Recycle online store uses a famous trade-in system:  exchange the old product for a new one with a surcharge. It’s a great chance to upgrade your Apple TV and save money.

What to do with an old Apple TV?

Selling used equipment through a trade-in system is becoming an increasingly popular and convenient solution for most people. Why should you buy an additional TV set for an apartment, a dacha or an office at an exorbitant price when you can sell a used Apple TV set using the trade-in system and buy a new one of the same model 30-40% cheaper? However, besides the tempting price, there are many factors to consider when you sell used Apple TV. Taking them into account, you will be able to correctly evaluate the equipment and sell used Apple TV as profitable as possible. There must be an original Apple TV box. At least in order to bring him home without damage. It is important to have a check, a correctly filled technical passport and a warranty card, if any. Even if the warranty has expired, this document will at least confirm when the device was purchased and how long it was used. If the device still has a warranty, then this is an additional plus when you sell Apple TV. Do not forget to check the serial number on the coupon, which must match the number on the Apple TV. Check the information about the presence of the console and cables.

Before selling your Apple TV, carefully inspect it from all sides for scuffs, cracks, dents and chips. The screws on the back of the Apple TV must be black and free from any tamper marks or scratches. The presence of traces of the opening of the Apple TV means that it has already been repaired. By model, serial number and device code, you can find out where and when this TV was made and for which country. Next, we advise you to check the operation of the USB ports. To do this, just take a USB flash drive with a previously recorded video or movie and connect it to the Apple TV. Selling a used Apple TV set using the trade-in system is a convenient budget solution to the issue. However, when selling a used Apple TV, you need to pay special attention to the general condition of the goods, the presence of the necessary additions. When you sell used equipment, it is advisable to responsibly familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the product. Armed with the necessary knowledge about the product, you can proceed to the trade-in of goods. Managers of Rapid Recycle online store will help you to sell Apple TV for modern computers at a favorable cost just call the phone number listed on the website.