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A game console is a specific electronic device designed and created for video games. It is most of all used as an output device for television or a computer monitor. The Nintendo Switch is attached to an independent display device. From the first touch, the Nintendo Switch OLED is associated with a premium product. The body immediately feels expensive and monolithic, and the screen has a pleasant chill thanks to its glass-like feel. The same cannot be said about the regular Nintendo Switch, where the display is made of plastic, which also flexes easily under slight pressure. Furthermore, the new body of the Nintendo OLED model is pleasantly surprising. Nintendo's engineers have eliminated almost all of the problems of a conventional console, including joycons — they now lock more confidently and, as is the case with the screen, no longer squeeze when pressed lightly.

However, this was not the end of the Nintendo Switch console: the stand has now become functional — it adjusts to different angles and runs across the entire width of the device, in contrast to the strange solution of the "narrow leg" of the original model. As a result, now the console can really be placed comfortably and not be afraid that something will break or come off. Cosmetic changes have touched the power button and volume control, and the speakers are now located slightly lower. Globally, however, this does not affect anything. Also, now the Nintendo Switch console does not have 32 GB of storage, but twice as much — 64 GB. If you want to buy a new console, you can sell the old console using a trade-in system on our website. Trade-in is a common practice of exchanging an old product for a discount when buying a new one. In this way, cars, large household appliances, and modern electronics are exchanged. The only difference is in terms of a specific program. In this way, you can easily sell Nintendo Switch online. Rapid Recycle trade-in service consultants will help you deal with the conditions of the trade-in system and with the design and exchange of equipment.

How to sell Nintendo Switch for cash?

Rapid Recycle trade-in service is considered to be the best place to sell Nintendo Switch. Before selling a used Nintendo Switch, get your console in order — clean it of dust and dirt. Just in case, make a synchronization so as not to lose game saves and data about your trophies. To save game saves, you need to go to the settings, then click on the management of saved application data, go to the saved data in the system memory, click on download to the network storage, select all saves and click on upload to the network. If you don't have a subscription, you can save all data to a flash drive. If you had auto-renewal of subscriptions turned on, do not forget to turn them off. To do this, you need to go to the settings, to the account management, click on the account data, select the Nintendo Switch subscription, opposite the subscription, turn off the automatic renewal of the subscription.

Also, remember to untie all your bank cards before selling a used Nintendo Switch. Go to settings, account management, account details, click on wallet and go to the billing information section. Select all your cards and click the delete button. Pull out your SSD if you purchased it additionally for more free space. But you can also sell Nintendo Switch for cash with an SSD. Naturally more expensive. This is your choice. Next, you need to deactivate the console. Go to the site, go to your account, then to the account settings and to device management. Go to Nintendo Switch systems and click on Deactivate All Devices. Depending on the condition of your console, there is a big difference in how much money you can get for it.