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Where to sell Playstation?

Playstation is a game console designed and manufactured by Sony. Ken Kuturagi is its main creator, who introduced the latest developments in the world of video games and came up with a name for it. At that time, there were only two well-known companies on the market working on the release and improvement of consoles called Sega and Nintendo. Then, in 1994, the first Playstation video game console appeared in Japan. She immediately found great success and became the main competitor for other companies. In just a few years, the set-top box entered new markets — the USA and Europe. Thus, Sony made a powerful leap into the market of the gaming computer industry and became its leader. Even the creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates, gave his preference to this particular company.

Sony Playstation is fundamentally different from other consoles in that it uses three-dimensional graphics. And CDs with high-quality sound and visuals allowed the developers to translate all their ideas into breathtaking games. Some toys came out even on not one, but on several disks. The Playstation has been the top-selling console for nearly ten years. Periodically, Sony Playstation releases new improved models of game consoles. If you want to buy a new model having the previous one at home, then we recommend that you first of all sell the old Sony Playstation. Use the trade-in system presented on our Rapid Recycle trade-in service. The essence of the trade-in system is to exchange old equipment for a new one with a good discount. You can save a lot on buying a new Sony Playstation game console. The discount can even be 30-50%. You can use the proceeds from the sale of the old Sony Playstation as a down payment on a credit.

Process of selling the Sony Playstation

The trade-in system is simple: the owner of Sony Playstation gives his game console to the service, and the service counts its cost as a discount on a new product. In fact, an exchange takes place with a surcharge on the part of the buyer. The purchase price of a used Sony Playstation can be credited as a down payment when purchasing on credit. The criteria for each dealer is different, but in any case, you need to be prepared to sell the old Sony Playstation. If you decide to use the trade-in system, you need to contact a trade-in service that supports this program and sells the game console brand that you want to purchase. The Rapid Recycle trade-in service representatives will carry out diagnostics, check documents. After that, the owner will be informed about the amount of the discount. If the conditions suit both parties, you can immediately conclude an agreement and purchase a new model.

During diagnostics for trade-in, all technical characteristics of Sony Playstation, its current state, the presence of breakdowns and defects are checked. The inspection takes place at the Rapid Recycle trade-in service or in any other specified by the manager. It is better to check with the dealer in advance for his standard list of necessary documents. The presence of all the required papers when carrying out diagnostics will significantly speed up the process and increase customer loyalty. Before you sell Sony Playstation, be sure to prepare all the necessary documents. There are two options for how you can legally formalize what a trade-in is. Make up either 2 sales contracts or an exchange contract. After signing, the owner receives his copy of the agreement and the certificate of acceptance and transfer of equipment. Process of selling the Sony Playstation is complete!