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Where can I sell my Xbox one for the most money?

Modern computer games are very complex multimedia products with rich graphics and twisted plots, designed not only for children but also for adults. Games have been developed with the help of special controllers that allow you to use all the limbs of the player. It does not remain static, but moves, which even partially promotes physical development. But they can't replace the gym yet. If you want to enjoy the game in a large company or in a family circle, it is recommended to buy a stationary game console. The main leaders in the gaming console market are consoles developed and released by Microsoft and Sony, which almost simultaneously launched advanced consoles of the eighth generation Sony PlayStation4 and Xbox One. Experienced gamers have appreciated the new models of gaming devices that use more modern technologies, which allows you to get an unforgettable experience of new and already loved games. 

The dubious advantages of the Xbox One are:

- high productivity;

- high-quality image and sound transmission;

- high functionality;

- quality and reliability;

- usage console as multiplayer;

- thoughtful strict design;

- user-friendly interface;

- Xbox as Live service;

- ability to open multiple windows and applications simultaneously;

- ability to pause the game and continue over time from the same place;

- uninterrupted operation due to good cooling.

Have you decided to sell Xbox 1 to buy a new generation console? Great, because now you are in the right place! Our Rapid Recycle trade-in service will help to sell Xbox one online without any problems. We use the well-known trade-in system. The trade-in system is a program for exchanging old goods for a new one with compensation for the difference in value. Each product category has its own trade-in system, which establishes the conditions for exchanging and providing a discount for the sale of a new one.

What to do before selling an Xbox one?

Before using the Rapid Recycle trade-in service to sell Xbox 1, we recommend you to clean it. First thing you need to do is clear the data and reset the box to factory settings. Use the following commands: Settings, System, Console Information, Reset Console Settings, and Reset Settings and Delete All Content. Then unplug the Xbox console power, HDMI cable and internet. Also, before you sell the Xbox One used, you should clean the console itself and the cables to it — they probably got dusty. To do this, you can use napkins that are sold in hardware stores. They usually do not leave streaks as the cleaning agent evaporates. If your room is not catastrophically dirty, then it should not be difficult to make an Xbox console presentable. In extreme cases, crevices and hard-to-reach places can be blown out with compressed air.

Such an attitude can potentially help you get even regular "customers" — people who will happily buy exactly your second-hand things. Of course, you can clean the inside of the console too, but the customer is unlikely to be able to appreciate your efforts before the sale. And you run the risk of damaging the Xbox console, so perhaps this idea should be abandoned. Keeping the Xbox console the full package is good — it will allow you to raise the price and sell the Xbox One used a little bit more expensive. And if you have kept the box in excellent condition, then the chances of your device being bought by someone else as a gift will be much higher. The closer the Xbox console is to its in-store condition, the more you can ask for. Sometimes, if a cable is missing from the kit, you can throw it on your own to proudly write in the ad “complete set”.