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Where can I sell my GoPro for cash?

An action camera is a type of digital video camera designed for filming in special, often extreme conditions, usually on the move. Most often, such cameras are fixed on moving objects, for example, on vehicles, on the helmets of extreme sportsmen performing risky stunts. The action camera can be used to capture exciting moments such as skydiving, rafting on a mountain river, exciting fishing and much more. The main feature of such cameras is that there is no need to hold them and control the shooting process by selecting and setting parameters in manual mode. Such devices can be attached: on the head, helmet, clothing, or simply on the body of a person who wants to shoot an exciting episode. Due to the fact that the action camera does not restrict the freedom of movement of a person and does not interfere with performing any actions in acute situations, the scene filmed by it is perceived as seen with its own eyes, while conveying an exciting feeling of drive. To mount the action camera on the head, there is a wide choice of special snap-on mounts that can be adjusted to fit the head. In addition to straps, to fix the action camera in the right place, there is a choice of suction cups, Velcro, with which you can attach the action camera to the helmet. Action cameras do not lose their popularity, confidently migrating from the field of sports and extreme recreation to everyday life.

Recently, the camcorder market has been changing very noticeably. The most obvious and indicative trend this year is the growing popularity of non-tape media for video recording. In the struggle for consumer wallets, camera manufacturers are trying to guess preferences and offer competitive prices. GoPro is the most popular type of action cameras. And for good reason, because GoPro gadgets have the richest hardware. GoPro cameras shoot well underwater, but do not forget to use special floats for this kind of shooting so that the camera does not go to the bottom. This applies to all water sports! All GoPro cameras behave quite well in cold weather, at -20 and below the battery, of course, sits down much faster. But when compared to the action cameras of lesser known brands, which often refuse to shoot after 10 minutes, the GoPro camera has shown itself to be on the best side. As a result, there is a need to update: to sell old GoPro and buy a new action camera. Rapid Recycle allows you to sell GoPro online using a trade-in system without any problems. A trade-in system means trade or exchange. It includes the possibility to exchange your old GoPro camera for a newone, paying only for the loss in price. This is a fairly simple and hassle-free way to update.

How to sell a GoPro?

Have you decided to sell your old GoPro? You can trade-in a second hand action camera via our service Rapid Recycle. But let's try to check your device in order to evaluate it correctly and sell GoPro online at a bargain price. First, take a look at the serial number. Every GoPro camera has a unique serial number. It consists of 14 characters, where the first character is the letter C (capital Latin), the remaining 13 characters are numbers. The serial number is printed on the action camera box and also on a sticker in the camera's battery compartment. The main rule is that both numbers must match. You can also check the serial number of the camera on our website. If the number is not in the database, most likely you purchased a counterfeit product. If the serial number is missing, and this may be the case when the seller gets rid of the information about the origin of the action camera, you will not be able to update the camera's firmware. The manufacturer constantly releases software updates, improves performance, fixes bugs but you won't be able to use this feature on a gray camera.

Secondly, before you sell GoPro online, study the appearance of the packaging. Each box with a GoPro camera must have a sticker with the following information: full name of the camera, country of origin, manufacturer's address, product certification information, data of the official distributor (name, address, phone number), warranty period, special signs, sign. In the case when the sticker is present, but another company is indicated as the distributor (importer), this also indicates the illegal import of the goods. Remember that when you decide to sell the old GoPro, the price will be 20-30% less than in the store. Consequently, for those who are looking for a GoPro camera in the secondary market, there is an opportunity to buy practically new photographic equipment cheaper than in a store. Anyway, GoPro as a second hand action camera must look proper before selling.