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Where to sell the graphics card?

The computer performs many complex tasks, starting a variety of processes and processing information. Every computer user, and for the most part gamers, knows very well that a graphics card is one of the most important components of a computer and laptop. So that videos and games do not slow down, they work stably and everything goes smoothly. The graphics card is the component on the motherboard responsible for processing video data and displaying an image on the monitor. You can find synonymous names: video adapter, video cards, graphics adapter. There are two types of graphics cards. Typically built-in and external graphics cards are distinguished. Modern graphics cards are expansion cards installed in PCI-E slots. Typically, this is the largest board mounted perpendicular to the motherboard just below the CPU cooler. There are video outputs on the outside of the system unit on the graphics card. For the performance of graphics cards, the volume, frequency and bandwidth of the video memory bus, the characteristics of the graphics chip and its technical process, power consumption and cooling capabilities, and the dimensions of the graphics card are important. Among the non-gaming features are useful acceleration of computations, work with photos and videos.

People measure memory and core frequencies in megahertz, the higher, the faster the graphics card will process information. The texture and pixel fill rate, measured in million pixels per second, shows the amount of information output per unit time. Nowadays, choosing a graphics card for a computer has become a rather difficult task, because manufacturers produce a huge number of models. And quite often there are situations when a graphics card of the same model released by different manufacturers is strikingly different from one another. The choice is especially complicated when it comes to selling used graphics cards. What to do? When you buy a new improved graphics card, we recommend you take into account the possibility of exchanging an old model for a new one using the trade-in system. The practice of the trade-in system provides that the buyer exchanges the old product for a new one with a surcharge. This exchange applies to many products, including graphics cards. Our Rapid Recycle online store is the simplest and safest way to sell your old graphics card. Here you can sell an old graphics card via a trade-in system for real cash. This way will save your time, money and nerves.

But how to sell a graphics card?

Before you sell a used graphics card for a laptop or PC, it is worth checking its performance. This can be done using special programs just install the graphics card, turn on the program and check the temperature of the video adapter in half an hour. The optimum temperature is 95 degrees. We recommend using Piriform Speccy, GPU Temp, or GPU-Z to check it. You can check the stability and performance of the graphics card using the 3DMark program. Appearance is also an indicator of good health. Therefore, before you sell a graphics card, pay attention to the stickers, the color of the PCB of the graphics card it should not have dark or yellow shades. Otherwise, it means that the part was disassembled or “warmed up”. In the Rapid Recycle online store, all used graphics cards undergo pre-sale preparation, which is the guarantee of their serviceability. Our Rapid Recycle online store specialists inspect used graphics cards visually, clean it from dirt and dust, using safe methods. Then they assess the condition of the connectors, excluding incorrect product integration. Finally, test functionality and performance with 3DMark, GPU-Z, GPU Temp, or Piriform Speccy are processed. A graphics card goes on sale if it meets all technical requirements.

Selling a used graphics card on our Rapid Recycle online store is a guarantee of quality and reliability! In the Rapid Recycle online store, you can sell a used graphics card to improve the graphics and performance of your computer. We give a guarantee from the store for all products. Also, some models come with a manufacturer's warranty. In addition to components, the site contains a large selection of new and used equipment, including laptops, used gaming computers, PC sets, peripherals, office equipment and more. The catalog of goods is regularly updated with new items, which in turn allows each client to find high-quality devices at the best price. Our Rapid Recycle online store gives you the opportunity to pay for your order in a convenient way for you cash, bank cards, non-cash payment or cash on delivery. Our managers of Rapid Recycle online store will help you to sell a graphics card for modern computers at a favorable cost just call the phone number listed on the website.