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Where to sell Macbook?

MacBook is a laptop from Apple, which differs from ordinary laptops in the highest workmanship, build quality and fit of parts. MacBook is the generic name for Apple's portable product lines. These are MacBooks Pro and Air. In the process of manufacturing these laptops, the developers apply the most advanced technologies, new features, and so on. The case material for all devices is high-quality aluminum, and it is cut from a single piece of metal! At work, MacBooks are the quietest and most productive. An interesting feature: when opening a MacBook by the lid, you do not need to hold the lower part of the case, as we are used to doing with ordinary laptops. The most significant difference between a MacBook and a laptop is that the MacBook Pro is running the macOS operating system from Apple, while ordinary laptops are installed by default with Windows. Also, the MacBook has a number of both positive and negative qualities. MacBooks are reliable, have almost no viruses and free iWork suite (Apple version of Microsoft Office). Unmatched screen quality and the best keyboard will definitely make your life and work easier (other laptops pale in comparison, but it all comes down to your preferences).

MacBooks have really good battery life, so there is no need to carry a charger with you all the time. Lightweight and great strength allow you to take it anywhere. Your MacBook will also last you a long time. All computers eventually get to the point where they need to be replaced, but MacBooks usually take longer to reach that point. But what to do if you need to change your computer? Where is it possible to sell a MacBook? There are various ways to sell MacBook Pro and various services that can help you do this with minimal hassle. Selling your MacBook Pro, however, is about more than just choosing the means by which you will sell it. You are in the right place. For many years Rapid Recycle has been professionally engaged in the purchase and sale of used digital equipment. Our website offers the sale of equipment using the trade-in system: for example, you sell a MacBook Pro against the purchase of a new one with a surcharge. Rapid Recycle is a great chance to trade-in your used electronics for cash!

How much is my MacBook worth?

How to sell a MacBook if you are far from our office? We work with clients all over the country via a great trade-in system. Agree on the cost of your device with the manager, send it cash on delivery, we will accept and pay for it. We offer several steps to sell MacBook Pro:

- Make an agreement with our manager. You are discussing the amount for which we will buy a device and a convenient courier service from you.

- Sending the device to us. You send us your equipment by cash on delivery through the carrier previously discussed with the manager. Please declare the real value of the cargo so that in case of force majeure, the carrier has the opportunity to receive full compensation.

- Receiving your device. Our manager checks your device in the presence of a courier service employee. If your MacBook (smartphone, tablet, watch) meets the declared characteristics, the manager pays for it and picks it up.

- Receiving money. After we have paid for the device, you can receive your money from the courier service. It is possible to receive both cash and transfer to a card.

As an owner you should also do several steps before you sell your MacBook Pro. Create a backup. Make sure you have an up-to-date backup of important files. Sign out of your iTunes account on macOS Mojave or earlier. Sign out of iCloud Sign out of iMessage. Reset NVRAM. Optional: unpair with any Bluetooth devices you keep for yourself. If your MacBook Pro is paired with a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, trackpad, or other Bluetooth device that you plan to keep for yourself, you can unpair it. This optional step prevents accidental input when the MacBookPro and the device are different but close enough to establish a Bluetooth connection. Before you decide to sell your MacBook Pro, delete your hard drive and reinstall macOS.

The most pressing question you have is: how much is my MacBook worth? Wondering how much you can get for your MacBook Pro? There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your price:

- When it comes to selling your old MacBook Pro, it's figuring out which model you have.

- Checking the condition of the laptop good or bad.

- Find out what other MacBooks of this generation are selling by checking sites like eBay.

- Find out what the cost of a new model with a similar specification is.

- See how much competition there is in the market.

Estimating the cost of a MacBook Pro is no easy task, but we hope that Rapid Recycle will help you to deal with it!