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How can you sell Samsung?

Do you have a Galaxy phone? Have you ever thought about selling a Samsung phone? If yes, this information is for you. All Galaxy phone owners, sooner or later, have a desire or an urgent need to urgently sell an old Samsung phone and buy a new one. This may not be easy to do, because the Galaxy phone loses in price from year to year, and the cost of new models increases. Rapid Recycle is a place where you can trade-in your used electronic devices. This is a specialized online store for the exchange of equipment and accessories Samsung Galaxy.

Thanks to the narrow specialization, we can surely say that we know all possible things about electronics world electronics and how to sell your Galaxy. Trade-in is the exchange of used Samsung phones for new ones with a surcharge. Old Galaxy phones may not even work. In this case, you will also receive a discount, it will simply be less. The amount of the discount depends on the category of the product and varies from several hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Rapid Recycle will help to sell your Galaxy without problems. Procedure of trade-in is comfortable:

- no need to think about how and to whom to sell old equipment;

- market value of equipment valuation;

- it saves time;

- speed and security of the transaction;

- an honest evaluation system.

What to do before you sell Samsung?

You can find out the approximate cost of the exchange device in advance. You need to choose the gadget that is planned to be purchased, specify the model of the device for exchange and select in the proposed questionnaire items that characterize the technical condition of the gadget. In practice, you can get a price no lower than when selling on Internet sites such as Rapid Recycle. This saves both time and nerves as a result of communication with unscrupulous users, from whom no one is insured on the Internet. All accepted old Samsung phones must be serviceable and meet the following requirements:

- the device turns on and works stably.

- no user passwords.

- accepted Galaxy phones do not have significant mechanical damage to the body and traces of violations of the rules of operation: chips and traces of shocks, falls, moisture;

- screen without chips, images without distortion, lights and streaks.

- ports and connectors without mechanical damage.

Depending on the gadget’s condition, your Galaxy phone is first sent to a service center, and then either repaired and sold to the store Rapid Recycle , which sells used equipment (exchange gadgets are never sold as new). Or understands the parts used in the service center for repair. Thus, even a Galaxy phone with mechanical damage is assembled from several devices, finds new life and finds its grateful customers. And old Samsung phones do not dust off without work at home on the shelves, allowing you to save money when buying new products.

Selling a Samsung phone is not a problem!

Used Samsung phones exchanged by the buyer within the trade-in system, in case of return/exchange of new goods purchased under this scheme, are not refundable. Warranty service, exchange and return of old Samsung phones purchased under the trade-in scheme is carried out in the general manner prescribed by applicable law and company rules. All systems are not perfect and trade-in is no exception. Therefore, it has not only pros but also cons. The main disadvantage is the significant difference in price between the amount of trade-in Samsung phones and its market value. This figure can be 15-20 percent, and sometimes can reach 30-40%. The line of new Galaxy phones is not always widely represented in phone showrooms. Many of them in the basic configuration may not meet the wishes of the buyer.

This means that the final cost of the trade-in Samsung phone can increase significantly if you need to order additional options. Using possible double interpretations in the law, Samsung phone dealerships can offer buyers the conclusion of sales contracts, with significant restrictions on their rights, in case of disputes. In order to register a phone according to the trade-in scheme and become a happy owner of a new Galaxy phone, in many cases, only a few hours of work are enough. On average, a deal can be completed in one business day. Summing up, it is easy to see that for every convenience you have to pay for something: money, time or nerve cells. And if the goal is to sell your Galaxy quickly and with minimal time, then trade-in is the best option.