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How to sell smartwatches?

Smart watches connect to a smartphone, use touch screens, offering the user all the necessary information that is loaded from a mobile device. In other words, it's a more affordable dub of your smartphone. If the smart watch works without a phone, it uses different sensors to measure heart rate, count steps, calculate distance, and even blood pressure. The indicators are displayed on the smart watch in real time. The functions of a smartwatch are similar to some of the capabilities of a smartphone, but a wearable device has more to offer than your phone can. When the phone is connected, you can receive notifications right on your wrist: messages from social networks, SMS app notifications and missed calls, incoming emails, calendar events, reminders, alarm clock. There are also notifications that are provided only by clock. Here are some of them: you sit for a long time and it's time for you to move; high heart rate warning; the goal for the number of steps taken; the battery on your smartphone is flat. In addition to displaying smartphone notifications, SmartWatch supports the applications with which they work. 

Ecosystems of programs vary and most of them are based on Apple and Google operating systems. Various additional tasks can be performed using additional software: music player calculator voice recorder flashlight parcel delivery sports tracking software browser (not available on all models). Every year, updated versions of smart watches appear on the modern roar. Accordingly, there is a need to sell smartwatches and buy new ones. The most common and widespread model of implementation of such equipment is the sale of smart watches via the Internet. Rapid Recycle is the best place for such things. On this website you can sell smart watches online. Rapid Recycle works as a trade-in system. Trade-in is a system of purchase in which the buyer gives the seller the old product to offset the value of the new one. On the trade-in system you can buy a car, industrial equipment, appliances, smartphone and even an apartment. In fact, this is an exchange of old equipment for a new one with a surcharge. In fact, this is an exchange of old equipment for a new one with a surcharge. Conditions vary from dealer to dealer. For example, a dealer can only accept equipment of his own brand or everything. We hope that the conditions of Rapid Recycle will suit you the most and you will have a chance to sell your smartwatch.

How much is my smartwatch worth?

Selling smart watches via the Rapid Recycle trade-in system is the best possibility to update a trendy gadget at an affordable price. The main reason is the presence of original equipment. We value our reputation, so we do not sell copies of gadgets that have not been thoroughly diagnosed before appearing on store shelves. Second-hand smart watches are presented in a great variety. There are both female and male and children's models. They differ in technical characteristics, the sizes, and style. When you sell a smart watch, you need to pay attention to the following criteria. First of all, it is necessary to study the history of use and repairs, namely: service life, reason for selling, falling and repairing the device. These positions will affect the final value of the product. In order not to be a deceiver, it is better to sell smart watches that are sold with a complete set, including the original box, instructions, warranty card and sales receipt, if available. The ideal variant is a personal meeting with the buyer and inspection of the goods on the spot. In this case, you will be completely confident in the serviceability of the device and will be able to provide all the information needed.

When you sell a smart watch, it is recommended to pay attention of your buyer to the following criteria:

- Integrity of the electronic device (presence/absence of damage to the display and housing).

- Smartphone compatibility (check upon purchase).

- Availability of access to all standard applications and to the network.

- Battery capacity and compliance with the declared parameters.

To check the functionality, turn on Bluetooth on the future owner`s smartphone, open the "Menu", enter the settings and activate the connection. After completing the pairing, you need to test the capabilities of the device one by one. Rapid Recycle offers a wide range of smart watches from various manufacturers. Gadgets have a specific area of purpose, so before selling, you should clarify the functionality. On our specialized portal you will find only proven devices. Buy and sell used smartwatches at affordable prices and be happy!