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What to do with an old iPad?

The iPad tablet is used to being perceived as a gadget on which people read before going to bed, watch movies while traveling, play and draw. But it has been able to do much more for a long time. iPad tablet is a versatile work tool that empowers professionals from all walks of life. Here are just a few examples of how this device can be applied. iPad allows you to use augmented reality applications, and also replaces textbooks and notebooks. Digital encyclopedias are cheaper than regular encyclopedias, and abstracts stored in one place will definitely not be lost. You can also use Apple Pencil to record lectures by converting handwritten text to digital (no more reading out bad handwriting). If you don't like writing by hand, the Smart Keyboard will help. It connects to the iPad tablet in a second and doesn't need charging. It is also a convenient stand, and folded — a cover.

iPad tablet allows you to work with several applications, between which it is easy to switch. A designer can create a sketch in Adobe Sketch and complete a digital masterpiece in Procreate, and then drag the finished drawing into the presentation. When you have a stationary Mac or MacBook nearby, iPad can be used in second screen mode with a toolbar or as a graphics tablet (for detailed drawing). But what to do with the old iPad if a new one is out and you want to upgrade? We recommend you to use our online Rapid Recycle trade-in service, which implements a trade-in system. The trade-in program implies a profitable exchange of any old iPad tablet for a new one. The amount of benefit depends on which device you rent and its condition. Believe, Rapid Recycle trade-in service will help you to sell iPad Apple without any problems. As a result you get a new device for less money. And that’s great! 

How much is my old iPad worth?

Modern iPad tablets become obsolete in the blink of an eye. Things that were considered innovative and trendy yesterday are giving way to more advanced technologies today. The demand for new items is high — as are the prices. In order not to punch a hole in your own budget and get a fresh device at the same time, you should use the trade-in program for exchanging new gadgets for old iPad. That’s why upgrade yourself and your old iPad to the next level with the trade-in program. The trade-in system allows you to buy a new device at a discount, instead of taking a long time to collect the full amount. Trade-in system saves the user's time. You don’t need to independently search for a buyer on ad sites from a series of "hand-to-hand" ads. It is enough to send your old iPad to our office. Trade-in ensures the security of the transaction. You sell iPad Apple not to some unknown person who can still cheat with money, but to a trusted company. We accept both old and latest models of iPad tablets. For maximum benefit, your old iPad should be powered on and not seriously damaged to the screen or case.

The discount on the purchase of a new device must be used immediately. The trade-in system involves smartphones from Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi and other brands, as well as tablets from Apple and Samsung. Remember the logins and passwords for accounts. For example, on an iPad tablet, you need to turn off Find iPad function, if it's on. The approximate cost of renting a smartphone can be viewed using an online calculator. After you have disabled all accounts and unlocked your old iPad tablet, the device is checked against the manufacturer's base by brand, model, memory and color. The next step is to visually assess your smartphone or tablet. The better the appearance, the greater the discount for a new smartphone. After the old iPad tablet is recognized as suitable for exchange through Rapid Recycle trade-in service, an employee of the cellular salon checks it against the list of models participating in the trade-in system. Depending on the appearance, the presence or absence of damage, the ransom price is set, which is a discount on the purchase of a new device. Then you just have to choose a new gadget.