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Where can I sell my Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft Surface Pro is the most versatile laptop. Surface Pro are professional tablet computers. They can work with keyboards and a pen. Microsoft Surface Pro is an expensive, prestigious tablet in an aluminum case. The built-in folding stand impresses with its compactness, however, it does not hold the set angle very stably. We got a matte black version of the tablet for testing, there is also a silver one on sale. The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is compatible with the company's keyboard, which is attached to the screen during transportation as if for protection. In short, this keyboard is not bad, typing on it is quite convenient, although the keystrokes are quite small. All keys are backlit, there is also room for a branded stylus in the keyboard body. The development of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet does not stand still: new versions are constantly being developed and emerged. It's been six years since the first Surface Pro came out, so it makes sense that the new model came out at number 6. The new black color scheme and Intel quad-core processor may not be completely new, but the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is still the best of its kind.

Do you want to sell an old Microsoft Surface tablet and buy a new model? Our Rapid Recycle trade-in service offers a trade-in system. The trade-in system is an opportunity to exchange your old Microsoft Surface Pro tablet for a new one, paying only a minor difference in the cost of a new product. The amount of the surcharge is directly proportional to both your Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and the new product you have chosen. The trade-in system is the best way to sell Surface Pro for real cash and there are a lot many advantages of using it:

- you can save a lot on buying a new Microsoft Surface Pro 6 tablet;

- the discount is 30-50%;

- you can use the proceeds from the sale of an old Microsoft Surface Pro for a down payment on a credit.

Is it possible to sell broken Microsoft Surface?

Finding out how to properly hand over the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet using the trade-in system, you need to read the terms of the procedure. Their essence is generally about the same regardless of the dealer. To sell an old Microsoft Surface tablet and get a new one with a big discount, you will have to give the old equipment to the appropriate service such as Rapid Recycle trade-in system. However, conditions may vary slightly from company to company and in some cases an age limit may be imposed.

To avoid making a mistake when selling a tablet, it is recommended to follow the following scheme:

- Get acquainted with the offers of dealers, choose, study the terms of cooperation.

- Contact the service where the favor is available.

- Provide an old Microsoft Surface tablet. Employees of the organization will diagnose it. They can clarify how they evaluate the technics of the trade-in system.

- Find out the size of the discount. Trade-in representatives report how much the tablet costs. If the customer has a trade-in discount, you need to remember that this is a bonus that can be spent on buying a new one in this organization. If the client decides to turn to another service, there may be a need for re-evaluation.

- Get acquainted with the available list and choose a suitable model, if all conditions are satisfied. Before you decide to sell Microsoft Surface Pro on the trade-in system, you should sign a contract. The agreement regulates all conditions of cooperation.

- Choose how to make the missing amount. You can provide money yourself or take out a credit.

- Before you find out the cost of the tablet on the trade-in system, you need to specify the price of the evaluation service. Sometimes it is provided for free. However, sometimes the company asks for additional funds.

If you follow these rules, the sale of the tablet will be easy and without any problems. Be careful with all stages. We wish you a good and quality exchange!